Ljubljana Virtual Tours

Join us on live virtual guided tour of Ljubljana. Discover the most amazing corners and listen to the most intersting stories of Ljubljana with us! Since you can not come to Ljubljana, we will bring our Ljubljana to you.

Ljubljana is the capital of and the largest city in Slovenia. On our trip we will visit some of the most interesting buildings and monuments such as the Triple Bridge, Prešeren square, the Ljubljana Town Hall, The Robba Fountain, the Shoemaker’s Bridge, the Dragon Bridge, Ljubljana Cathedral and other attractions. We will take a stroll along the Ljubljanica River and dive into the narrowest streets of Ljubljana, each of which has its own story to tell.

Don’t forget to make yourself comfortable and ready to enjoy.

You can choose between:

Scheduled Tour

Price: 10 € per person

Please note that this tour is avaliable only on specific dates. Check the calendar and book you tour.

Private Tour

Price: 110 €

You can choose the day and time, we make it for you. Please note that we share the private virtual guided tour only for you. There will be no other guests, unless if you invite them.