About Us

With over 20 years of experience in travel, we have tailored our high quality standards, leading us to great success in working with guests all over the world (Slovenia, United States of America, Canada, Europe, Asia, etc.). Our goal is to provide the most memorable travel experiences, whether it is a half-day tour or a tailor-made trip. Over the years we have gathered an excellent team of passionate and skillful guides and we are seeking for new challenges every day.

For us, tourism is not simply services we provide for our customers, it is our hobby and our lifestyle. Not a single day goes by when we are not discussing our future goals and achievements. It is important for us to grow every single day. We take time to discuss recent guided tours in order to exchange the best possible experience and improve ourselves. Our brand is built on an idea and strong efforts to achieve it, and not on corporate goals. We honestly enjoy spending days with our guests and showing them the beauty of the places we visit. We believe that our sincere dedication to our guests and activities we are enganged with make us different from many other companies.

Our goals:
  • provide high-quality guided tours;
  • consult guests and together build unique custom-tailored tour itineraries according to guests’ wishes;
  • achieve the highest safisfaction of our guests;
  • establish long-term relationship with our guests.
Our qualities:
  • Communication – we are approachable and easy-going; we take into consideration that all our guests are on vacation and they want to have a lovely time and not feel as if they are on tour with a military regime.
  • Professionalism – we are strict about providing guided tours of the highest standard as well as maintaining customer – service provider relationship.
  • Storytelling – every single city, town and place is built on a story; places we visit and famous people we discuss on our tours are never random ones, they are all connected by centuries of history, so it is never just the monument or just the building – it always has a story within.
  • Flexibility – You want to see something that is not on our itinerary? Let’s do it! After all, spontaneous decisions can be the best ones in life.
  • Passion – we love the places we visit and we cannot wait to share some neat little secrets about cities, greatest architects and their legacy; cosy restaurant with delicious food to taste and great coffee places that are just around the corner.